What are you up2? #3

What are you up2? #3

James Tingey is one of the OG Sons. A serious madman who has recently learnt to cook thirty-minute brownies in twenty minutes. We asked him some questions to see how he's been coping with the nationwide lockdown. 

Tell us about yourself in one sentence.

Bit of a nerd. 

What a nerd

Where and with who are you spending lockdown?

With my wife Kate and our little 3 month old kitten Lilly and we are in our pool house that backs on to an orchard . . avos!

You didn't tell me you adopted a kitten!

Yeah bro only had her a few days. Hayden's girlfriend Bonnie is in isolation with us on the property and she caught it in a cage, tamed it and then asked if we wanted her. Boss ae, she’s the coolest kitten. Must of been dumped or a semi-tame stray. 

Give us an example of a typical Wednesday in lockdown.

Ahh wednesday... Get up late, 3 coffees before doing anything. Catch up on the latest news in the sun for a while, go for a skate on the mini-ramp in the backyard, tinker in the shed, afternoon skate/beer, swim, workout, dinner, netflix. I can’t work this week as my company didn’t get ready for the “work from home stuff” in time.

Whats your screen time looking like this week?

Daily average 3hr 30min - social networking 3hr 18min - reading and reference 47min - productivity - 50min.

Not bad! Mine is 2hr 25mins this week and 3hrs 40 last week.

Shit last week was 7:25 daily average.

My word thats a lot.

Yeah not good lol.

2 lockdown essentials? (Devices not included).

Volleyball/Skateboard, Milk and Coffee.

2 things you’re looking forward to post lockdown?

I don’t actually know, lockdown is great! Maybe going for a surf?

Feeling healthy?

Ahh yeah, probably more so if I didn't eat so much bread. Gluten ruins me. It's just so damn good though.

I feel ya. Ive actually been making bread for the first time ever. Home baked with butter is delightful.

Oh the aroma

How are you keeping in tip top shape?

Trying to go for a run each day but its more like every third day. Also I made a makeshift deer out of a tv packaging box and have been been running round smashing it with the bow practicing for the apocolypse.

That sounds fantastic but don’t the arrows fly right through?

Nah I filled it with polystyrene blocks ha.

Kiwi ingenuity at its finest.

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