It’s a rapidly changing world we live in and with constant reminders in your face about the latest hot new product it can be a tough one to navigate with your wallet, and more importantly, your morals still intact. 

Since the start we have wanted to hold ‘Sons of the South’ to higher standards of business than we believe is the norm these days. We firmly believe that the way forward comes with not prioritising profits but with putting the priority on community, the environment and giving back.  With these goals in mind we have decided to strive for the following;

  • Natural, Organic and recyclable materials in every part of the supply chain from manufacturer to your door
  • Safe, Fair and Equal working conditions at all of the Manufacturers we work with. 
  • NZ Made for all of our Merino shirts.
  • Give to charity a portion of our bottom line.

Here at HQ we are always striving to keep these goals in the front of our minds and try as best we can to reduce, reuse, recycle and operate by sustainable business practices. 

We really believe that this is the way of the future as more and more businesses re-align themselves to be more socially and environmentally aware. Our goal is to lead that trend and maintain sustainable practices from day 0.

Say no to single use plastics, say no to shopping bags and plastic straws, say no to throwing away old clothes and support businesses that produce quality, socially responsible, sustainable, and long lasting goods in every industry across the board.