About Us

We are a group of Kiwi lads who like to wear clothes that;

  • Fit nicely.
  • Last a loooong time.
  • Keep you warm, sweat free and stank free when doing your activity of choice.  
  • Look dope on the mountain or in the pub afterwards. 

We struggled to find anything that matched that description so we decided to make them ourselves. Using NZ Merino as our weapon of choice we started crafting. 

Sons of the South was born around this idea in 2013 with the website opening its doors in 2015. Since then we haven’t had a schedule, we haven’t released Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn collections every year and we haven’t released anything without first saying “dang thats cool”.

NZ made, NZ Owned, and operated out of the boys garage, our collections are timeless and one-offs so get onboard and come shred with us. 

Peace x