What are you Up2? #2

What are you Up2? #2

Jimmy Jordan is a veteran in love and an outlaw in Peru. He's a Petroleum engineer with a hankering for waves and women. He also said some things which I told him I wouldn't publish but did anyway. I think it makes an interesting read. Find out what he's been up2 below.  

Tell us about yourself in one sentence. 

No breaks real faaast, drop the clutch.

Jimmy Pop and locking 

Where and with who are you spending lockdown?

Greg the dog, Tux the cat, my wife Emma and my friends Emma and Jesse. + or - about 14 surfboards, 3 skate boards and a few bikes. 1km back from Fitzroy beach and the first week of lockdown was pumping with no one out...

Did you surf…

For arguments sake and the amount of hate in today’s surfing society no I didn’t surf. Never have never will. Wasn’t me. I don’t want people thinking I surfed in the lockdown because I don’t want to be an advocate for that. Kapesh

Give us an example of a typical Wednesday in lockdown.

Hump day in my bubble is “take away night” this week we had greasy burgers. It was epic. Went for sick bodysurf last night though off the record. Got coned off my dial on 1ft sand monsters lol

Im not going to be able to publish any of this. 

hahahaha sorry bro.

Whats your screen time looking like this week? (On your phone settings)

About two hours I think, I’m trying to avoid too much social media. Too Much negativity. Covid has brought the worst out in a lot of people I use to look up to in my surf community.

Thats unfortunate and probably relatable for a lot of relatively sensible people at the moment. My Dad got hate from a local when he told him I was coming back from Africa at the height of it all. 

A lot of people are throwing stones from glass houses.

2 lockdown essentials? (Devices not included)

1. A bike. 2. Sons of the South Merino ! Duh

2 things you’re looking forward to post lockdown?

Surfing and surfing (hopefully in Fiji)

Feeling healthy?

Been doing a hearty amount of exercise so yes but have also not had an alcohol free day yet so my liver probably hates me. I blame the company I keep.

How are you keeping in tip top shape?

Got a couple of jerry rigged balance boards and a ghetto workout station and everyone at home gets in smashes a circuit workout.

Jimmy Pop and locking.

What Tunes have been getting you through these long days at home?

Lil dicky, 2Pac and Metallica

Plans for winter?

Weekend warrior vibes... hit the local hill, maybe a South Island trip, Fiji maybe !? Surf every day at home.


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