What are you up2?

What are you up2?

As you know we here at Sons are frothers of all sorts of outdoor extra-curricular activities. But due to the current state of affairs many of us are sitting at home wondering what to do with all this spare time we've suddenly been gifted. Over the following couple of weeks we will be bringing you updates straight from the horses mouths on how the lads and ladies are handling it.

First in "What are you Up2?" is our favourite Methvenite Kenji Boekholt.

Tell us about yourself in one sentence. 

Thats hard stuck already.

Laid back, taking it as it comes and making the most of it. 

Where and with who are you spending lockdown?

In Methven with the whanau (plus Teish) at the old family acres. (Acre and a half)

Give us an example of a typical Wednesday in lockdown.

Wednesday, starts with a solid brekky - muesli and real Japanese green tea. Then the hit out at the 9-5 begins with a couple sessions of Krunker, likely toasties for lunch and give Whiskey (dog) a run around. Try and wrap up around 5 and catch the last few hours of light out on the climbing wall in the yard until dinner. Have the luxury of home cooked meals followed by either a bit of study or another run around with whiskey (drink)

Backyard Boredom Blasting.

Whats your screen time looking like this week?

Averaging 1 hr 09 mins a day, But I stare at a computer screen all day playing with excel. 

2 lockdown essentials? (Devices not included).

Whiskey (Dog)
Whiskey (Drink)

Whiskey (Dog)

2 things you’re looking forward to post lockdown?

- Riding bikes with the boys
- General freedom

Feeling healthy?

Feeling 💯

How are you keeping in tip top shape?

Just cruising, climbing a bit, getting out on the bike when I can and trying to get in the occasional run as well. Krunker has kept my mind agile and Whiskey (drink) helping recovery.

Excuse my ineptitude but whats Krunker?

krunker.io. Great way to kill time. thats all I'll tell you. 

Rest of the interview dissolved as I got caught up in the frustrating fun that is Krunker.

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