Te Araroa - Mavora Walkway

Te Araroa - Mavora Walkway

This section is considered one of the easier parts of the track due to it being mostly flat, and with plenty of huts (4 in total, potentially 5 even) you could start here as a way to cut your teeth on backcountry tramping.

Map of Mavora Walkway

Dad joined me on this section a few months before we tramped the Tararua Southern Crossing, check out his blog on that HERE.

North Mavora Lake at sunset

Fishing at Mavora Lakes

North Mavora Lake campsite

The Mavora Walkway is an absolutely breathtaking walk, this is what everyone should reference when talking about the beauty of New Zealand. Prepare for crotch explosions as you wander from gently lapping Lakefronts to awe inspiring valleys and finally dense lively beech forest.

Mavora Walkway

Mavora Walkway

The track starts where Frodo and Sam parted ways with the Fellowship and meanders up an easy going 4wd track along the coast of the spectacular North Mavora Lake. It won’t take long to reach Carey’s Hut, Dad and I started close to midday and we skipped this spot, but if you’re in for a leisurely time then stop here, relax, cast out the rod and catch some trout for dinner.

North Mavora Lake

Lunch on the Mavora Walkway

Carey Hut

Following the road further takes you into the expansive Mararoa River valley; a wide valley bordered by mythically steep mountains on both sides. Take your time to soak in the view because it’s a cruisy walk to Boundary Hut; a modern affair with only 4 bunks so get in early unless you want to camp. Dad and I were off season so we had it to ourselves. 

North Mavora Lake

Mararoa River Valley

Mararoa River Valley

Crossing the Mararoa River

Boundary Hut

The view from Boundary Hut

The Mararoa river is close by and deep enough for a soak if you can take the cold.

Mararoa River Swimming

Follow the massive valley further for more incredible views.

The view over Mararoa Valley

Merino Sheep Skull

Mararoa River Valley

Dad looking over the Mararoa Valley

Mararoa River Gorge

Dad exhausted on Mavora Walkway

Pictured below is my walking pole; Ernest Stickelton. Stay tuned for his story later

My stick on a DOC marker on Mavora Walkway

Walking to Taipo Hut on the Mavora Walkway

Taipo Hut is about a half day walk from Boundary and you’ll get a strange case of Deja Vu because it’s the exact same hut, someone at DOC clearly just cmd+c > cmd+v on this job.

Taipo Hut

Bridge to Taipo Hut

Lunch at Taipo Hut

Heading into beech forest the track gets more technical but eventually you reach the stunning Greenstone River. At this point in the track you start to head towards Lake Wakatipu but this is also a major intersection for a bunch of incredible trails, Greenstone (obvs), Caples, and even Routeburn is in reach if you’re that hardcore. So if you’re down for it, you could take on more than just Mavora.


Greenstone River

The last hut on this track is Greenstone hut and is a serviced one so it’ll cost you a bit more. There's a swimming hole in the Greenstone river just down the hill so try to get there with time in the arvo for a dip.

Greenstone Hut at sunset

Swimming in the Greenstone River

It's about a half day walk along the Greenstone River to Lake Wakatipu, drive round the lake to Glenorchy for a well earned beverage. 

Bridge over the Greenstone River

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