Behind Sons of the South - How it all Started

It's been 6 months since Sons of the South opened its virtual doors to the world. Initially, it was more like family, friends and one raving fan from South Australia (love you Tony). But looking back at 2016 with a cold beer in hand I think it's safe to say that Co-creator Mark Mear and I have learnt a bit about starting a circus, and maybe a little bit about starting a business and a creating premium Merino clothing.

Before Sons of the South, Mark and I would buy woolen t-shirts from Farmlands and wear them as thermals during Uni snowboard missions to Ruapehu. When wearing our wool, we noticed that we weren't drowning in BO on the way home from a car full of boys who'd just taken their Polyprops off. We loved our new found wool, but they were scratchy, not the best fit and we knew we could design a far superior product. Not only that, we knew that there were many more opportunities for people to benefit from woolen clothing outside of just tearing down the mountain on a pair of planks.

If we were to make the best woolen tees around, we knew we would have to design them from scratch, for the ideal fit. They would also need to be made with the best quality fabric and stitched in New Zealand by the best sewers in the biz. And that's exactly what we did.100% Merino wool is our material of choice due to its, heat regulation and moisture wicking properties (not to mention it's just damn comfy) and we work closely with a top NZ based sewing facility, to ensure that all tees meet our premium quality standards.

Now we're starting to enjoy the way that we wear Merino and this year has shown that there are a few keen lads and lasses out there that are loving it too! With that said we are showing no signs of slowing down and are pumped to have our Autumn 17 and Winter 17 drops happening very soon!

We'd like to thank everyone who has joined the Clan and been apart of the journey this far. Don't be shy and make sure to follow our social channels by clicking the links below, so you don't miss out on special offers, new products and content that will have you drooling like this guy.

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