About Merino

Put simply Merino is the goods. Due to its extremely fine fibres it has some great benefits for the outdoorsy types among us and for anyone living anywhere chilly.

It Won't Smell

Merino has natural anti-bacterial properties due to its high concentration of Lanolin. This helps to keep those odour producing bacteria at bay.

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It Keeps You Warm

Merino wool is a “hollow-fibre”, which means that in the wool fibres there is trapped air that offers insulation even in the lightest of Merino fabrics and even soaking wet. This constant insulation means that Merino garments will have excellent heat trapping abilities.

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Its Biodegradable

Due to the fact that Merinos base ingredient is Keratine (like a rhinos horn or human hair) it is completely biodegradable. When your done with your Merino you can cut it up and compost it just like food scraps.

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Its Super Soft

A single Merino wool fiber is ⅓ the diameter of a human hair. It's so fine, actually, that when it brushes up against skin, it bends out of the way. It can't be prickly like other wool fibers because it can't stand up to the weight of itself.

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