What are you up2? #5

What are you up2? #5

Mike Holland is a globe trotting, fresh faced, silver fox who once, using only a hoe and a large glass of water, single-handedly defended a small village in the Argentine steppe from a horde of ferocious army ants. He has recently rushed home from a sabbatical in the UK and Europe so we asked him a few questions on how he's coping with the mandatory self-isolation.

Tell us about yourself in one sentence. 

Child in the body of a slightly larger child.  

Where are you self isolating after your mad rush home?

Beach house in Waihi with Bazza the dog. 


Give us an example of a typical Wednesday in lockdown. 

Taking Bazza for his morning stroll on the beach so he can take a shit, then I take a shit. Check work emails which dictates the rest of my day after absorbing some coffee and vitamin D.

Whats your screen time looking like this week? (On your phone settings) 

Die hard android user so unsure (Yes I can hear you judgment from here)... Probably too much.

2 lockdown essentials? (Devices not included)

Comic books for the mind and alcohol for the soul.

2 things you’re looking forward to post lockdown? 

Surfing and traveling again.

Mike at Nazaré. Taking pictures of course. 

Feeling healthy? 

The 5g is frying my brains but I’m picking up some tin foil soon.

How are you keeping in tip top shape? 

Tip Top I tell you! 

Plans for Winter?

All going well... Make the most of some sweet southern pow.

All going well... 🤞


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