What are you up2? #6

What are you up2? #6

Samuel Shaw aka Sammietoejammie aka the Crimson Chin is the most notorious bicycle pilot this side of Timbuktu. Not used to staying in one place for so long Sam (like most of us) is chomping at the bit to get out and about. 

Tell us about yourself in one sentence.

People say I have the look and personality of a golden retriever.

You decide.

Where and with who are you spending lockdown?

In Rotorua, with my parents, on the farm.

Give us an example of a typical Wednesday in lockdown.

Wake up, smile. Kettle on, clean teeth. Brew coffee, make pancake - inhale items. Learn a song on the guitar, draw something. Small road ride, then some lunch. Pull out weeds in the garden or chop firewood. Lunch again. Go for a run followed by a  Pilates session, a stretch, and a self massage. Have some dinner. Drink too many beers. Watch a movie with the parents. More beers, some chocolate. Sketch a bit and coma out.

Whats your screen time looking like this week? (On your phone settings)

4hours and 2mins a day haha, should probably put FaceTime chats on that Wednesday program.

Thats not a bad number JT had 7 hours 25 minutes daily average last week

Wholley shit haha my average last week was about 2hours, faded this week a bit.

2 lockdown essentials? (Devices not included)

Bike and drawing kit, that is a hard one haha

Picking 2 or narrowing it down to 2?

Narrowing it down for sure. 2 more would be my axe and guitar.

2 things you’re looking forward to post lockdown?

Setting a bike up and biking around NZ. Catching up with everyone!

Thats epic are you going to start your Top to Bottom ride straight away?

Nah I will have several weeks of work to complete first and then get into it. It’s gunna be bloody winter by then, should be fun.

Lucky you'll have a backpack full of merino then right?

I have been planning what items I’ll take! Will have an SS longlseeve and workman’s beanie for sure.

Kitted up.

Feeling healthy?

This is probably as healthy as I can be haha

How are you keeping in tip top shape?

Daily rides and Pilates sessions and at-least an hour of chores on the property each day. Eating super healthy as well, having to stay away from the supermarket is a huge help. We are self sufficient on the farm luckily.

Being self sufficient is great how long did it take your olds to set that up?

They've been out here for 12 years. I have helped in the garden, got them chickens, and planted a huge orchard. Dad looks after 150 deer, but I keep stocking up the freezer with wild ones to keep the pets safe haha. The garden and orchard pumps out produce.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Heck yeah I really should get mum and dad started on that.

Start by bringing home chickens hahaha I tried a pig and a goat as well, but they didn’t last long.

Last question what tunes have been keeping you sane at home.

The most listened to albums have been;
TOPS - I feel alive
Mako road - all of their music
And “get free” by Major Lazer


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