What are you up2 #4

Alice Kranenburg wearing a Sons Merino Beanie

In the 4th edition of What are you up2 I had the pleasure of talking to the effervescent Alice Kranenburg. A known longboard pest often seen frequenting the multitude of quality waves that hammer the East Cape and Gisborne area.  

Describe yourself in one sentence.

Coffee loving, Surf frothing, Eco-feminist.

Where and with who are you spending lockdown?

Spending lockdown in our house in Okitu, Gisborne. With my partner Luke and Kiwa the enforcer.

J Chillin.

Give us an example of a typical Wednesday in lockdown.

Wake up pre-sunrise to take the dog for a walk on the beach. Come back, put on some coffee and start up the computer. (I’m super lucky to still have a job + be able to work from home). Work from about 8-4 with the occasional ball throwing session in the backyard. After work do some yoga/exercise, and eat whatever epic vegetarian dinner Luke has cooked (last Wednesday was walnut and almond chilli tacos). Then either TV, video chat with friends or a board game before bed.

What’s your screen time looking like this week? (In the phone settings).

About 2 hours 15 minutes. Higher than I'd like for sure.

2 Lockdown essentials? (devices not included)

  1. A sweet vege garden. Ours is still going hard on the tomatoes, beetroot, kale, silver beet, capsicum and herbs which has been a life saver.
  2. Someone whose company you enjoy! Its been epic hanging out with my favourite person (and dog). We had a really crap flatmate who thankfully decided to lockdown with some family but its definitely made me realise that life is too short for average flatmates!


I feel ya on the flatmate issue. 2 things your looking forward to post lockdown?

SURFING and having a coffee or beer with friends. I was just starting to do some log competitions before lockdown and I can’t wait until those are up and running again.

Logging up a Storm at the Makorori First Light Comp. Photo by Don Pearson

How’s the vibe around the “No Surfing" ruling in Gizzy?

Really mixed depending on who you talk to. Luckily we’ve only had 4 or 5 pumping days since the explicit surfing ban but its divided the community, especially on social media. But just like any group of people, surfers all have different opinions.

Feeling healthy? + How are you keeping in tip top shape?

Physically yes! Mentally I’ve had some ups and downs. Been doing beach walks, yoga, some upper body strength exercises and pop-up exercises.  

You’re the first person to mention mental health when I’ve asked that question. I’m sure beach walks and yoga help but what else have you been doing to try and stay mentally healthy?

Yeah beach walks and yoga help, cuddling my dog, and just feeling my feelings if that makes sense? Not trying to avoid them.

Makes perfect sense! I think a lot of people, myself included, probably don’t let themselves “feel” enough.

Yeah, I think it’s a product of our society saying boys and men have to be “tough” but in reality, we are all just humans with feelings.

Real men talk about their feelings.


So, what has been getting you stressed during lockdown?

It’s been a bit of a trip. My mum is a nurse in Matamata (where they have had that cluster of 70-80 people infected in an obviously small town) and she’s immune-compromised as well. Just before lockdown when those cases in Matamata were all appearing, she was still working which stressed me out more than I expected. Once lockdown was imposed, she didn’t have to work anymore, but me and my siblings were all calling her like wtf are you doing?! I think it just made it a bit more real for us.

That’s heavy. Mum’s ok though? I can see why that’s caused some ups and downs.

Yeah she’s fine, her and Dad are isolating on the farm now so that’s keeping her sane I think. Her parents live next door to them, and I think that’s been hard on them not having my parents in their bubble.

That’s good to hear! Yeah my Nana and Poppa are in a similar situation. How good is FaceTime though.

FaceTime is soooo good! I had a 43-minute chat the other day to my Nana who lives by herself. It was the highlight of my week.

Nana’s are the best. Ok last question what tunes have you been listening to during lockdown?

I’m a podcast fiend while I work. I’m currently listening to the Waterpeople Podcast. It's Dave Rastovich and Lauren Hill yarning to some bloody amazing water people – its epic and I recommend it to surfers and non-surfers alike.

Its been added to my list! Thanks for the chat Alice.


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