We Love Art.

We Love Art.
A haiku for my love of art.
Colours please my eyes
Dynamic and expressive
Five syllables more
As you can see, we here at Sons love art and the many forms that it comes in. As artists and designers ourselves we're well versed in the art world and all it's history; Picasso, Salvidor Dali, Gustav Klimt, Bob Ross, name the artist and we're proably well clued in on their work. In celebration of our love of art we've curated our own gallery of fine arts prints for you to purchase for your own home.
I believe it was Nietzsche that said:
"We have art in order not to die of the truth"
Now I'll be damned if someone can explain what the means but don't these photos look pretty? Why not make us feel fulfilled in our pusuit of creative expression and buy one to put on your wall?
- Rossy Warhol xox

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