Ooot and Aboot with Sam Shaw.

Ooot and Aboot with Sam Shaw.

Sams been a busy wee beaver of late. Starting in Nelson he's been racing, riding and birding his way through 400km of pristine NZ wilderness. Browse the words and photos below for a look directly into Sammies brain. 


Day 1

Flew into nelson from Rotorua and went for a wee casual bike around town.

Day 2

Up early for a pancake, a coffee and a lil bitter bike prep before heading up the Maitai Valley to race the Coppermine Epic

Had a great start with Caleb Botcher and we got away from the field only for him to blow the hinges off me doors. I rode home in 2nd and asked around for a ride out to the Heaphy Track.

I got a maybe so headed home and washed up. As soon as the washing machine finished I got a txt from Connor saying "pick yah up in 5" Threw all the gear in some bags and jumped in the car with new mate Connor and got a lift over to Takaka. Biked another 50km into the start of the Heaphy and set up shop for the night.

Day 3

Woke up 12 hours after jumping into bed (Still 7am, Dream sleep) and headed on up the Heaphy stoping at every hut for a look abooot. Managed to spot a Takahe along the way with all its jewels and bits and bobs.

It started raining when I got to the coast so I stopped in at one of the huts for a bitta porridge then headed off into the rain.

Finished the Heaphy that afternoon which was amazeballs (can't wait to do it again already) then headed off to Karamea for a bitta stuff my face action, hungry boi.

Slogged my way over to Little Wanganui, past Corbyvale and down to gentle annies campground and found a wee cottage for the night after a big 150something km ride.

Day 4

Up noice and early again and on the bike heading up the Old Ghost Road. I didn't realise it was going to be 60km going uphill. What stitch up. Again I stopped in at each hut, took in the scenery, played some ukulele, ate oats etc.


Made it up the steps and then finally to Old Ghost Lake hut where some old blokes were parked up for the night, luckily with a couple extra sleights. I inhaled one and took another for the road and continued with the descent down to lyall and managed to destroy my rear tyre on the way. 

So I rode the rim to the end and then quite a way down the main road until Colin stopped and offered me a lift. (he drove 50km out of his way to get me to Westport what a legend) Had some great yarns with Colin and then booked into a backpackers for the evening. 

Day 5

Sleep day

Day 6

Woke up to loads of rain and a very average forecast for Paparoa so I pulled the pin on the mission and bussed to Chch for a coffee or three and to see Guy WW from Ground Effect for his birthday! 

then flew to Wellington..

Day 7

120km Road race with DJ Bubbles and Dee, Just buggered up the last part and rolled into 5th. Back to the airport, wellies to smells, home for my Bday week. ooshies. 

l8ers sk8ers

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