How to Sand Ski

Sons of the South Guide on How to Sand Ski.

 - Step 1 -
Get some mates to slingshot you down the hill. Due the the friction the sand causes on the bottom of your skis its very hard to get yourself off. (No pun intended)

 - Step 2 -
  Have your weight further back than you would on snow. I mean waaaaay further back. Squat down like your taking a runny one or you’ll go head over heels, I promise.

 - Step 3 -
Don’t Pizza. Pizza will destroy your knees and ruin the appearance of proffesionality.

 - Step 4 -
Enjoy the sand pelting your face as you create a bow wave similar to the titanic.

- Step 5 -
Enjoy the Smooth (Read : Rough) and tranquil ride (Read : hell trip) down your chosen sand hill and sing to the butterflies as you effortlessly carve mad tracks bruh (Read : squat for life as you hurtle down the dunes toward oblivion).

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