Antartica Unfrozen

On February 4th fellow Son Harry Seagar will head to Antarctica for 2.5 weeks as the Antarctic Ambassador for the Sir Peter Blake Trust to produce a multi-media environmental communications project AKA 'Antarctica Unfrozen'.
These are all big words so let's simplify it; Harry wants to  spread the good word about Antarctica. It's wonders, global importance and the passionate people that are doing the mahi. 
How?  A few different ways, but the main piece will be a podcast which will be produced both on the ice and on the mainland. Along with this, Harry is one hell of a Photographer (check out his gallery) so he'll be supporting the podcast with video and photographic tales from the ice. 
We've rugged him up with a few new pieces of merino to put through the penultimate cold climate test
The Podcast will be out March 2019 so keep up to date at his website or insta.

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