About Us (OLD)

Who We Are

We are a Merino Clothing Collective, the likes of which you have never seen! A movement connected in embracing a creative culture in the Southern most and coldest of climates. Sharing Merino and its benefits with the world... Bringing like minded people together and providing a platform for collaboration and self expression... Spreading the joy and passion for cold climate pursuits.  

The Sons Story

Before Sons of the South, Co-Creator Mark and I would buy woolen t-shirts from Farmlands and wear them as thermals during university snow missions to Ruapehu. When wearing wool, we noticed that we weren't drowning in BO, unlike previous exploits wearing polypropolene thermals. We frothed on our new found wool, but they were scratchy, not the best fit and we knew we could design a far superior product. Not only that, we knew that there were many opportunities for people to benefit from wool clothing outside of just tearing down the mountain on a pair of planks.

Pumped up on possibilities, Sons of the South was born. If we were to make the best woolen tees around, we knew we would have to design them from the ground up. They would also need to be made with the best quality fabric and stitched in New Zealand by the best sewers in the biz. And that's exactly what we did. 100% Merino wool is our material of choice due to its, heat regulation and moisture wicking properties (not to mention it's just damn comfy) and we work closely with a top NZ based sewing facility, to ensure that all tees meet our stupidly high quality standards.

We've set out to make Sons of the South a platform to connect creative adventurers and senders. A space providing inspiration and opportunities for collaboration around Merino and the creative sports that we all know and love. If that sounds like a bit of you welcome to the Clan and see you out there!

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