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Kea's are Dope.

 The worlds only mountain parrot, Kea's are friendly, inquisitive, mischievous, smarter than your kid and will rip your car to shreds.

They're a Kiwi icon and an emblem of the Deep South and the Southern Alps but they are also in a steep rate of decline.

Which Friggen Sucks. 

Because of humans and our rampage through even the cleanest and greenest of countries (NZ). Species like our beloved Kea are in danger of dissapearing for good and with an estimated population...

How to Sand Ski

Sons of the South Guide on How to Sand Ski.

 - Step 1 -
Get some mates to slingshot you down the hill. Due the the friction the sand causes on the bottom of your skis its very hard to get yourself off. (No pun intended)

 - Step 2 -
  Have your weight further back than you would on snow. I mean waaaaay further back. Squat down like your taking a runny one...

Behind Sons of the South - How it all Started

It's been 6 months since Sons of the South opened its virtual doors to the world. Initially, it was more like family, friends and one raving fan from South Australia (love you Tony). But looking back at 2016 with a cold beer in hand I think it's safe to say that Co-creator Mark Mear and I have learnt a bit about starting a circus, and maybe a little bit about starting a business and a creating premium Merino clothing.

Before Sons of the South, Mark...